Lease Return SpecialistWhen the time comes to return your leased car, you may wonder just how much work it will need to avoid dealer penalties. Don’t fear. Here at Pristine, we know how dealers evaluate lease returns.

Dealers mainly charge penalties for returns which have extensive damage, not for normal wear and tear. There’s no need to return an immaculately detailed car. Certainly, pride of ownership can play a part in your lease return, so do feel free to inquire about our complete detailing services. For most leased cars, however, our Rapid Interior/Exterior detailing will be just fine.

Below are some kinds of damage that do incur dealer penalties.

Tires, Wheels, and Wheel Covers

  • Tires with exposed cords or sidewall damage
  • Tires or wheels that do not match or meet manufacturer guidelines for safe operation
  • Missing or damaged wheel covers
  • Wheel gouges greater than 1”

Glass and Lights

  • Windshield cracks, stars, or bullseyes
  • Damaged, broken, or non-factory tinted glass
  • Bent, broken, or missing lights, turn signals, mirrors, or lamps

Paint and Body

  • One scratch, or an accumulation of scratches, greater than 6” per panel, penetrating the paint
  • 10 or more chips per panel
  • Scratches that cannot be buffed out during normal reconditioning
  • Five or more dings per panel or dents greater than 3.5”
  • Poorly performed body work or unrepaired collision damage


  • Burn holes
  • Cuts, tear, and singed areas
  • Any stains that cannot be removed


  • Damage to frame structure great enough to affect the integrity of the vehicle
  • Damage from floods, water, hail, or sand
  • Damage resulting from improper care