Final Details Mobile Detailing and Power Washing Service

Bumper Paint Repair

Final Details handles a wide range of bumper repair and paint touch-up projects, which have now become very popular among the company's many individual and corporate clients because of the significant time and financial savings involved.

Final Details can easily handle these repair projects at a fraction of the cost (up to 70%), and in far less time, than traditional body shops can. Furthermore, this approach also matches our operating philosophy of repairing, rather than replacing, whenever possible. This strategy keeps overall vehicle maintenance expenses down, while ensuring your vehicle continues looking its very best.

If your car, truck, or RV bumper has minor nicks and scratches that need attention, then definitely give Final Details a call. Our team of mobile paint touch-up experts will come to your location, precisely match your vehicle's paint color, and then repair the damage right on the spot...all in a matter of hours rather than days. Check out the before and after pictures of the bumper to the left to see what Final Details can do for you.

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