Final Details, the pioneer in mobile detailing and fleet washing service, continues to set the standard in Ventura County is seeking to expand and improve our team with positive, professional training and developing leaders in the industry. We have an opportunity that shines above the rest at Final Details. We strive for perfection as a requirement and a pride ourselves in our skill and craftsmanship that has become highly respected in Ventura County. If you feel that excellence is in your work ethics, then final details is the choice for you.  We are looking for positive, trainable and motivated leaders for this industry of opportunity. Come and be a part of the Final Details team in Ventura County, the pioneer in mobile detailing and fleet washing service since 1987.

If you are interested in joining our team please email Ross at or call 805-558-1618.

Final Details Team Opportunities

Positive and Professional work environment

Final Details team compensation

Qualifications/Skills/Professional Management Experience

Base Pay

30 days : $9.00 hrly (probation period)
60 days : 2-5 % increase pending on performance
90 days: payroll qualification
180 days: 2-5 % increase .depending on performance

Wellness Program

herbalist available 24-7
botanical and nutrition supplements @ wholesale pricing
fitness programs available with team riders


commissions: 5-15% team member brings in opportunity
commissions: 5-15% up sale job
tips : split up

Final Details team benefits


Flex Day

4 hours per month for perfect attendance

Final Details schedule

Final Details team #1

Monday : 7:00 am #2 team member / Bi-weekly meeting : 8:00 am
Tuesday : 8:00 am #2 team member
Wednesday : 6:30 am #2 & #3 team members
Thursday : 8:00 am
Friday : 7:00 am

Final Details team #2

Thursday : 8:00 am
Friday : 7:00 am
Saturday : 8:00 am extra team member as needed
Sunday : 7:00 am #2 team member
Monday : 7:00 am work with team #1 or time to be announced

Final Details policies

promptness and attendance

late team rider

must call ross and co/rider 30 minutes prior to scheduled time


15 minutes early to discuss daily action

assistant manager

15 minutes early to discuss daily action and prepare truck

manager and assistant manager

if both team riders early and on time to all jobs and quality done, team riders will not be docked for lunch periods

action taken

#1 written notice
#2 wage decrease to prior status for day
#3 demotion and 30 day probation period
#4 return work items and final pay

sick team rider

call ross 24 hours prior to work schedule / more than 2 day off dr..excuss

no smoking on job site / if needed take a 15 minute break

days off

24 hour notice

phone calls

all personal before, after or between jobs. if need take 15 minutes off clock


respect other team riders views and matters...leave at home your b/s

work meeting

Bi-weekly first Monday of work week

Work Schedules

Manager and assistant manager communicate day prior